Monday, August 20, 2007

I'll be waiting in Northern California for you

Intern Sam has a friend named Jesse who wrote a song called Ugly Dress.

I saw you at the picture wearing that dress you never liked
You know the one I bought for you with purple flowers and green pinstripes
I know its ugly
That's why I bought it for you
It needed natural beauty
A pretty girl would only do

Where's that dress now?
Pull it out for the sunshine
Where's that smile now?
Let it out in the meantime

I'll be waiting in Northern California for you

I heard you in a story told by a girl you never liked
I know she's not the sweetest but she made me coffee in the late late night
At least she calls me back
That's nothing you'd ever do
At least she takes a chance
I know 'cause I counted all her tattoos

I think it sounds cheesy to say how much I love this song, but I seriously have listened to it on repeat ever since I downloaded it this morning. I could think of this in marketing terms, about how it's perfect because it blends the right amount of originality and accessibility, a catchy hook, and blah blah blaaaaah... but I like it because he sounds so plaintive. I want to comfort him. I want to make him coffee late at night and have him spill his guts to me. That's the reason it's a good song.

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